i eat media for breakfast

We explore. It’s in our nature. We search for meaning in our lives, loving, learning, making connections. All that exploration can and has led us to dark places. In the dark there is great beauty. The images gathered here are composed of deep space Nebulae, recently captured by the latest explorations of science. Men look to these stars for answers about how our own universe began.

But, contrary to our curious nature, a culture mood of ennui has surfaced in America. Everyday less and less people are exploring their neighborhoods, their relationships, their lives. We have become alienated from nature and ourselves. And saddest of all, we are missing the beauty around us in a race to cover every blade of grass with concrete, and hook ourselves increasingly into a digital world to avoid our own until, to quote David Russell “We can’t even remember what happens in a field at dusk.” We no longer know who we are. We only know we are searching. We are looking for something, in the dark.

I began my own explorations with projected imagery in 2006. I was drawn in by the way models interacted with projections. I wanted to break down the wall between the medium and the viewer.  In the dark these viewers blended with the images, becoming one entity. In essence, these spectators literally breathed new life into the images. In 2009, I drew inspiration from deep space NASA images, created by the Hubble Space Telescope. For me, the color and form was uniquely suited for creating projected portraiture.